Zozoville 500, 1000, and 2000 Piece Puzzles (choice of designs)



These fantasy creatures are painted by the talented American born artist, Mateo Dineen, who now lives in Berlin. His superb imagination is a truly unique quality. You’ll love these 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

The quality, German-made Jigsaw puzzles have been precision cut, which ensures a perfect fit of all the pieces. Printed using the very best ink so that the finished 27” x 19” puzzle resembles a work of art. 


You will be singing along to the tunes of this pink furry friend and her cute little winged companion. The catchy words of ‘Gork, Gork’ will surely stick in your head. This wonderful puzzle has 1000 pieces and has been designed by the impressive artist, Johan Potma, who paints in his Berlin studio. This little creature has her own banjo and even earns a few peanuts, cards and buttons from her singing. It doesn’t seem to matter that the banjo has only one string. Look carefully and there’s an accordion being played by the mini beast. You’ll love this Zozoville jigsaw puzzle and will definitely want to add it to your collection.


There is nothing better than having a nice long soak in the bath. This little monster is enjoying the hot water, chilling out while listening to the songs being played on the radio. He knows that the best way to while away the hours is to remove his eyes - all 3 of them. He wants to lie back and simply relax. Such a great painting, it is part of the Zozoville collection, painted by the very talented artists Johan Potma and Mateo Dineen. Their gallery in Berlin is a hive of activity, and you will be amazed at their many monster creations. Bathtub is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle; manufactured in Germany with superb quality, state-of-the-art technology ensures precision-cut pieces and a detailed colorful scene. The assembled size is 27” x 19”. You will love this blue cheery monster so much that you’ll be reaching for the bath towel as soon he jumps out of the tub.


Poor little monster. Two whole weeks to be kept indoors; well, to be more precise, kept inside a cookie jar. She is passing the time watching her favorite TV shows. Good thing there are lots of series to enjoy. Her greatest comfort is her cute bunny slippers, a very important addition to anyone’s wardrobe - no one wants to have cold toes. This quirky 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is part of the Zozoville collection. How can you resist giving a home to this zany creature, who will want lots of cuddles once quarantine is over. The puzzle is manufactured in Germany. The use of opulent inks, modern varnish, and recycled board means the 27” x 19” puzzle looks stunning once complete. Despite her need to isolate, you’ll want to get going on this puzzle as soon as the box arrives.

Laundry Day

Little mouse is busy with the washing, whilst happy monster is enjoying his favourite show. The fantastic fury monster is settled comfortably in his chair and even has his snacks at the ready. It seems his washing is drying nicely above his head. Designed by the talented Dutch artist, Johan Potma, who now lives and paints in his Berlin studio, the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is part of the Zozoville collection. You will want to get going on this as soon as the box arrives. The adorable creatures and amusing scene will definitely put a smile on your face. So, spend some time on your favorite hobby and complete the mouse and monster puzzle.

Milk Tooth

Losing your first tooth is a momentous occasion. Little blue monster looks down at her missing tooth and wonders what the tooth fairy will bring. She has cute fluffy fur, sparkling bright eyes, and her wide smile shows off the rest of her pearly white teeth. The artist Mateo Dineen creates such charming, creative, and unique paintings in his Berlin studio. His Zozoville puzzles are real collector items. Each image tells a story and the fantastical creatures never fail to amuse. This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is made in Germany and the quality of the board is plain to see. Thick board and irregularly-cut shapes means there is just the right amount of challenge. The final assembled size is 19” x 14” and once made up, you will certainly struggle breaking-up the endearing scene.

Monsta Hi

Watch out there’s a monster about. This monster enjoys a bit of graffiti, his favorite word to write is ‘Hi’. You must look everywhere for him: below stairs, behind the sofa, back of the wardrobe and perhaps even under the bed. If you find a monster, be sure he checks the description – large round body, gray with cream spots, big bulging eyes and long lashes, gappy teeth, fluffy fur…..and….the cutest smile you have ever seen. This is a gorgeous 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle; it has been illustrated by the talented Dutch artist Johan Potma. He paints in his Berlin studio and creates fabulous creatures as part of the Zozoville collection - they are so unique and adorable. This is a Monsta that deserves to be let out of the jigsaw puzzle box.


This charming little monster seems to be in need of a new home. Little monsters grow into big monsters. She has the most adorable face, her two front teeth are so delightful and her fluffy fur makes you want to give her a big cuddle. The mouse on the fence is watching on and is wondering what sort of house the creature will be building next. This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is the brain child of Johan Potma, who is a Dutch artist now living and working in Berlin. His work includes all manner of weird and wonderful beasts; you’ll want to add all of the Zozoville creatures to your collection.

Off Broadway

She certainly knows how to hit the high notes. Being on stage is what she loves most, and singing, dancing, twirling and prancing makes her smile. As you can see, this is her favorite routine. Whoosh goes her leg, up go her arms, and ta-da goes the mouse behind. You’ll want to buy your tickets early to one of her shows, for they sell out quickly. Have a royal time with this 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It is the work of Berlin residents Mateo Dineen and Johan Potma. Their ability to create such imaginative designs is renowned. This tiara and feather-loving monster is part of the Zozoville collection, she expects all who complete the jigsaw puzzle to buy her latest song. The creatures in the audience are her biggest fans, playing her hits on repeat. Enjoy this German-manufactured puzzle whose quality will not disappoint. The firm recycled board handles well and the assembled size measures 38” x 27”.


Goodness, this is one hungry monster. He can’t satisfy his rumbling belly. Munch, munch he goes, everything in his sight is up for grabs. Watch out, he’ll eat your lunch given the chance. This insatiable creature is part of the Zozoville collection, certainly the most ravenous of all the little beasts designed by the talented artists Mateo Dineen and Johan Potma. Their Berlin studio was left bare after the cheeky Omnivore ate all the art supplies. This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle will have you smiling all the way through; in goes the boat, car, bug, sock, soccer ball, and who knows what else! The 27” x 19” puzzle is manufactured in Germany, where the state-of-the-art factory produces quality items. The precision cut pieces slot together with ease and once assembled you’ll love the soft colors and attention to detail of this eccentric furry friend.

Road Trippin

The adventure has just begun for these two. Best friends since high school, they know each other’s quirks and can handle being together 24/7. Of course the big pink monster will read the map - he has three eyes, so can see the route perfectly well. Poor little fluff monster, who is in charge of the driving, has a more difficult job, especially as he can’t see clearly. What a pair, let’s hope they get to their destination. You can’t help but fall in love with these fabulous characters. They are painted by Johan Potma, a very talented artist from in Berlin. This 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle is part of the Zozoville collection and the whole series is a must to complete. Beep beep, the car horn goes; these guys can’t stop, let’s just hope they’ve packed a lot snacks for the journey.


The wild and fantastical beast is, of course, taking a selfie for his social media account. Mr. Selfie Monster is so cute and adorable despite being in a rather undesirable bathroom. His natural red fur with cream-coloured spots is all the rage in Monster World and his bright blue eye is mesmerizing. Who could resist that charming smile and dainty fangs? Add to your Zozoville collection with this captivating 1000 piece Selfie jigsaw puzzle, just don’t forget to ‘like’ his photo.


This adorable white fluffy creature is learning to follow the instructions of the little girl. He will surely sit down soon – let’s hope so! A glorious Zozoville puzzle image, it has been designed by the hugely talented Dutch artist, Johan Potma, who lives and works in Berlin, he loves to illustrate freaks, oddballs and monsters. This white monster has the cutest eyes and he is so adorable, you just want to give him a big hug. The 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is manufactured in Germany and the quality is clearly seen. There is a great depth of color and once all pieced together the overall scene is seamless. The final assembled size is 14” x 19” and it will be difficult to break the pieces up to put back in the box, especially as the little girl seems quite determined with her loud request.

Spring Time

There is fun at the park for this boy and his pet monster. The cheeky fury creature loves the play area; it seems the little boy will have to wait quite a while for his turn. With a long beak, a denim waistcoat and of course a tiny hat - this smart-looking fiend knows what’s important in life. An exceptional puzzle, it is part of the Zozoville collection and the Dutch artist Johan Potma really knows how to create fabulous illustrations. He paints in his Berlin studio and has produced an array of strange and eccentric monsters. This unique 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle will have you reaching for your winter coat so that you can join the pair outdoors. 


It seems that eating your vegetables does wonders for your complexion. This cheeky monster has gorgeous deep dark eyes, green and white tufts of fur and strong teeth. His hands are holding tightly his vegetable lunch, however, it seems the poor little root veg is not so keen to be someone else’s grub. This brilliant, 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is the work of the Dutch artist Johan Potma, who paints in his Berlin studio. His Zozoville collection features an array of friendly fiends, no two creatures are alike. 

Warning: Choking hazard. Small pieces. Not for children under 3.

Customer Reviews

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Jen (Middleton, WI, US)
Spring Time

Fun and adorable! White areas were a little tricky at times but not too bad

marlene j. (Hugo, MN, US)
Great quality!

Customer service is stellar! Puzzles are great quality and the ones I've ordered are challenging but enjoyable.

K.B. (Hillsboro, OR, US)
Why Are Smiling?

What a little trickster you are! Challenging as pieces can easily be placed in the wrong position. They look fine...but don’t play well with others. Fun!

Olivia H. (El Paso, TX, US)
Zozoville 1000 pieces

I ordered already 3 different puddles from this collection and we love it! There are a good option to spend time with my daughter. The design of the monster are very cute.

Patricia K. (North Canton, OH, US)

Although I loved the picture it shows (every year I try to get him an “ugly” present) it is a Christmas present & therefore I am unable to give you a true review...only about the image.