Mystery Boxes



Love surprises and want a brag worthy bargain? As long as you are prepared to be flexible about what you receive, then Galaxy Puzzles' Mystery box is the fun-filled selection for you! It is guaranteed to have at least three items including at least two puzzles and one other item (maybe a puzzle, maybe not). The mystery box will have a retail value of at least $50 and quite possibly more.  You never know quite what you will get. We don't take requests on what to send you, but if you order more than one, we will make sure you only receive an item once. 

A standard Mystery box may or may not include items such as Christmas, but a non-religious Mystery Box will be carefully curated to exclude them.

Please note: It may take an extra day or two for orders containing mystery boxes to be sent to you. Each box is individually hand-selected and manually entered into the warehouse's software which takes longer than other orders.

If a mystery box is returned, all items contained in it must be returned in order to obtain a refund.

Coupons or other discounts may not be used on Mystery boxes. They are rock bottom already.

Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa (Mesquite, TX, US)
It's certainly a surprise

So, having watched someone's unveiling of what they received in their mystery box and having a birthday coming up, I was excited about this. The other person received beautiful puzzles. My thoughts, why not? This is cool. ***Now, I've noticed that Galaxy Puzzles invites people to review but if you review this particular thing negatively, they respond back in a way that I think is kind of snarky. I dislike that, and I will be totally upfront about it. Yes, it's a surprise, but if a person didn't like what they received, they also have a right to say so and that's the whole point of asking for feedback. Because it's a surprise, you take a risk and it can't be returned that I'm aware of. Unfortunately, I found one puzzle to be very creepy (actually sent a picture to several people and they were like what????) and the others, I simply didn't like them. Next time, I will stick with picking my own puzzles out, because this didn't work for me. To Galaxy Puzzles, I have a recommendation. The Mystery Box idea is fantastic and exciting - absolutely. If a customer is a major puzzler and slightly picky and then receives 3 puzzles that are a little ugly, well....The recommendation: when someone buys a Mystery Box, study their wish lists to see their tastes. That would be a truly great, customer-oriented service option that could become super popular, I'm sure. Love the idea. It just didn't work for me.

Thank you for your feedback. Previous orders are taken into consideration and this was your first order. Wish lists are not and are not always accessible on the back end. Many wish lists are anonymous and only a tiny percentage of customers use them.

Rita A. (Atlanta, GA, US)
Myster box

Love the puzzles great price

Cutebanter (Alhambra, CA, US)
Good Deal

Quality puzzles, not necessarily the images I would choose, but that's what makes the mystery boxes good, they take you out of your typical zone.

Marie A. (Lake Orion, MI, US)
Mystery Box

I ordered 3 mystery boxes which arrived today. This was a wonderful experience and I highly recommended buying one and taking a chance on the fun of a surprise, as I got 3 puzzles in each box, mostly 1000 piece, a 2000, and one 500. I have made several recent purchases with Galaxy and all have been wonderful/smooth, and I will definitely be back for more in the future.

Patricia V. (Melbourne, FL, US)

This was a very fun concept to be surprised. The anticipation was great. I received three 1000 piece puzzles, so financially I think this is a great deal. Unfortunately, none of them were really my jam. So, the surprise was a bit of a disappointment for me. If you enjoy doing any kind of puzzles, than I recommend this option because it is a great way to stock up for a very reasonable price. If you are more selective about your puzzles than the surprise can go either way. My 17 year old daughter is enjoying the Archie puzzle which she was excited about.

Thank you for leaving a review and for your purchase. It is appreciated. While we try hard to provide top quality puzzles, there is no way to know exactly which ones would please each customer. The Mystery Box description states, 'As long as you are prepared to be flexible about what you receive, then Galaxy Puzzles' Mystery box is the fun-filled selection for you!' Perhaps choosing your own is the way to go next time.

Stacey P. (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
Very happy

Loved it. Great quality. I did an unboxing video on youtube just search Puzzle Unboxing mystery box, galaxy puzzles