Mystery Boxes



Love surprises and want a brag worthy bargain? As long as you are prepared to be flexible about what you receive, then Galaxy Puzzles' Mystery box is the fun-filled selection for you! It is guaranteed to have at least three items including at least two puzzles and one other item (maybe a puzzle, maybe not). The mystery box will have a retail value of at least $50 and quite possibly more.  You never know quite what you will get. We don't take requests on what to send you, but if you order more than one, we will make sure you only receive an item once. 

A standard Mystery box may or may not include items such as Christmas, but a non-religious Mystery Box will be carefully curated to exclude them.

Please note: It may take an extra day or two for orders containing mystery boxes to be sent to you. Each box is individually hand-selected and manually entered into the warehouse's software which takes longer than other orders.

If a mystery box is returned, all items contained in it must be returned in order to obtain a refund.

Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Katrina F. (Enfield, CT, US)
Mystery Box

Ordered 2 mystery boxes and ended up with a total of 6 puzzles all 1000 pieces. Will definitely order again when available!

robin k. (Louisville, KY, US)
I was happy

I liked my mystery box!! It was fun being surprised!!

Lisa M. (Florence, KY, US)
It's like Christmas!

This was a lot of fun to try. I got two (2) 1000 piece puzzles, a 500 piece puzzle and a 275 large piece puzzle. Some of these I wouldn't ordinarily buy for myself, but it's always fun to expand your horizons and try something new. Plus, whenever I've done a puzzle I wouldn't ordinarily choose, I've often been surprised by how much fun it was. For the money, I think this was well worth it, and I love the surprise factor. I would definitely purchase again. Maybe next time I'll score a wooden puzzle!

Linda L. (Carlinville, IL, US)
Fun to order!

I loved my mystery box of puzzles. I got two 1,000 piece puzzles and a 40 piece Wentworth wooden puzzle. I love the variety I received and would buy again.

Leslee H. (San Diego, CA, US)
Great selection!

I definitely will buy the mystery box again. I received puzzles I would not have considered for myself so it was a real bonus to enjoy new varieties. The wooden puzzle alone was an amazing surprise!

Lori B. (Riverton, UT, US)
Extra Large Mystery Box

I was a bit disappointed in my box because it contained two wooden puzzles, both 250 pieces. And one 1000 piece (and a small card game). I can get one 250 piece being included, but two was disappointing overall.

Note: The listing states that there is no guarantee of what you will get. Both of the 250 piece wooden puzzles mentioned were laser-cut Wentworth, a significantly higher end item than other puzzles carried on the site and are done and collected by adults. They are more challenging than a typical puzzle.