I Love 1000 Piece Mike Jupp Puzzles (choice of images)



A wonderful series of crazy cartoon images by artist Mike Jupp.  Each of the I Love puzzles is certainly a challenge but a rewarding one.  Each Mike Jupp puzzle contains 1000 pieces, is made in the UK with vegetable based inks, and when complete measure approximately 27 x 19".

I Love Autumn

The hilarious autumn scene will make you laugh out loud. The jigsaw puzzle depicts a quirky British community in Autumn: there are fireworks, Halloween celebrations, a traffic guard, a quaint English pub, and of course, the iconic red phone booth. 

I Love Boats

There is a lot of fun to be had on the water. This amusing puzzle will have you chuckling to yourself as there is so much to see – or should that be so much to sea? The giant octopus has caught a great catch, a lady has been swept up in the air, and boats have been cast adrift. Most exciting of all is the rocket propelled yacht – now that really is the future of maritime travel. 

I Love Car Boot Sales

If you have ever been to a car boot or yard sale, then you will recognize the goings on in this wonderful jigsaw puzzle. The detail is spectacular, and the characters are so amusing – there are gnomes for sale, a giant bouncy castle that has a lot of bounce, and even a reptile stand. The colors are wonderfully vibrant.

I Love Christmas

Santa has created quite a storm with his grand entrance. The sleigh has crashed into the local church and the poor reindeer are having to halt mid air. The village residents are facing chaos from Perky Turkey deliveries, the choir had hoped to sing a merry tune. If you love Christmas then this is the puzzle to get. 

I Love Gardening

An awesome puzzle that will make you smile. Watch out for a flying granny. There’s a giant beanstalk and huge prized vegetables, Also, look carefully for the rock n roll band. Be aware of the police operating a covert mission and the fire engine that seems to have blasted on to the allotment with quite some might. 

I Love Great Britain

This puzzle has you coming face to face with many well-known British figures. Get up close and personal with Winston Churchill, the Royal Family, Shakespeare, the Beatles and many more. Fly high in a spitfire, visit a castle or two, stroll amongst Tudor buildings, and then take a ride on a famous red double decker bus. You’ll want to check out your history books  so you can learn about this wonderful country.

I Love London

The life of London captured in puzzle form. Travel on a double decker red bus, glide in like Mary Poppins, troupe the Colors with the British soldiers and have a pint of ale at the local pub. From the Royal Mint to the London Marathon, you’ll be busy piecing it together. 

I Love Pets

The animals in this wacky puzzle are keeping their owners on their toes. Wild birds fly through the room, a giant elephant leaps through a window, and horse jumping takes center stage.. The mayor has difficult job managing proceedings - especially when an octopus, crocodile, and kangaroo join the show. 

I Love Spring

Springtime has come alive. You will love all the characters and events. A bull looks on amusingly at the love-struck cow, the vehicles on Main Street have indeed come to a sudden halt, and the baby chick is desperate to be fed.

I Love Summer

This witty summer puzzle has it all. You will be busy - a quick dip in the water, sand castles to be built, a ticket for the tourist train, of course a donkey ride, then off for a pint in the pub – don’t forget to grab an ice cream at the end of a hot sunny day. 

I Love the Country

You will love being in the countryside with all this going on. The famous red arrows fly through the sky at supersonic speed, the sheep are having a very pleasant day out - especially the one visiting the pub, and the poor fisherman has got a prized catch. 

I Love the Farmyard

A hard-working homestead. You will be a diligent farmer with this puzzle - sheep are on the roof, the tractor has tipped, the cows need to be milked, and the brewery is an inviting place to be. It is a dazzling take on ordinary life. 

I Love the Weekend

The countdown to the weekend has begun. There is a killer whale enjoying the water, fast cars racing around the city roads, a hot air balloon up in flight, and tourists ready to do a perilous bungee jump. A puzzle that will have you racing through to the Monday morning finish line!

I Love Weddings

This bride and groom will be tying the knot in style. A magnificent puzzle, each piece has a depth of detail rarely seen. The carriages have come to a sudden halt, the guests are amused at all the commotion, but hold on, oh no, the dust cart is coming up the road and the brave gulls want their feast! 

I Love Winter

Wintertime has just gotten a whole lot more exciting. Kids on the ice are having fun, as are the family rolling down the hill inside within a giant snowball, but, watch out for the runaway trucks they are certainly causing a commotion, poor old grandpa has flown off his motorcycle. 

Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Patricia V. (Melbourne, FL, US)
Summer has arrived!

I enjoyed kicking off the summer with this puzzle! It has pretty much everything that screams fun in the sun. This puzzle is well made, colorful, and filled with crazy characters enjoying themselves. It definitely put me in the mood to enjoy some time at the beach with my family.

Randall B. (Millington, MI, US)
thicker tiles, great interlocking

humerous content. great puzzle.

Wanda P. (Burlington, NJ, US)
Mike Jupp "I Love Summer"

I Love these kind of puzzles! There is so much activity going on in the scene which makes it challenging and interesting. I will be definitely be purchasing another one.

Cindy L. (Denver, CO, US)
I love boats

What chaos!! Challenging but fun. I counted as many people in the water as in the boats! Luxury liners, kayaks, sailboats, rescuers, octopus, and every water bird known! The lighthouse keeper looks to the skies for help???

Danno55 (Fort Collins, CO, US)
Car Boot Sales

Got this for a gift for the wife.
She really enjoyed the challenge and hilarious characters in the puzzle.
The puzzle itself was not flimsy but made from nice thick material and the pieces were cut with crisp edges.
A joy to put together.

Tracey E. (Fort Collins, CO, US)
What a fun puzzle!

Most puzzles I have done have been pleasant and more or less challenging. This one was flat-out fun! It was complicated enough to take some time and effort, but was never, ever boring. It is the first time I have laughed out loud while putting together a puzzle. Overall, a total delight. It is also extremely well made.