Funky Zoo 1000 Piece Puzzles (choice of designs)



Expand your Funky Zoo with this series of puzzles featuring artwork by Marino Degano.  Each 1000 piece Funky Zoo puzzle is made in Germany by Heye, measures 27” x 19” when completed, and can be laid next to each other to create an even bigger picture. No matter which ones you lay end to end, they will match up.

African Habitat Puzzle

The African animals are having a ball, this puzzle is energetic and playful. Marino Degano's talent for creating amusing scenes is simply sensational. There are elephants having a birthday party, giraffes tied up in knots, and lions enjoying a feast. You will relish this jigsaw puzzle because of the antics of all the characters. Perhaps you will choose to be one of the visitors sailing down the river, or having your hair nibbled, maybe even escaping the jaws of a hungry lion. Making this the perfect puzzle to get your teeth into; well, that is until the lion decides to take a bite of your final piece.

Australian Habitat Puzzle

An epic journey through the outback of Australia awaits you. This puzzle will have you an expert in all things down under. The playful kangaroos like nothing more than a quick sparring match, but the poor winner in the boxing ring gets no round of applause. While you are in Australia, you get to protect the whale, say hello to penguins on their heads, and even throw a few boomerangs – hoping they come back, of course. It is an amusing puzzle that will keep you entertained for hours. Breaking up and packing it away will be tough, both for you and for the kangaroos.

Black Forest Puzzle

You will be enraptured by the goings-on: the deer are up to mischief, one has his antler on fire, another's antler is a swing, and a cute deer in the foreground has his being used as a washing line. The friendly folk visiting are definitely in for a surprise. This detailed and uplifting design will be a lot of fun to complete. The greens are bright and cheery and there are splashes of red, yellow, orange, and blue from the people’s clothes. This puzzle will have you laughing out loud as you spot all the hilarious scenes. 

Nile Habitat Puzzle

A trip to the river Nile is packed full of adventure and this puzzle has it all. You will love the detail and quirkiness of the puzzle illustrated by the hugely talented Marino Degano. Your exploration of foreign lands will have you balancing on crocodiles, fishing from the safety of hippos, and cleaning the pearly white dentures of the lucky animals who have come in for a swim. An upbeat jigsaw puzzle that will keep you amused throughout.

Polar Habitat Puzzle

The penguins and polar bears, despite never meeting in real life, are certainly having an adventure in this stunning puzzle. See the penguins surfing the icy waves, some fishing for their dinner, and others diving freestyle. They are certainly hoping to achieve a perfect dive score.  There is so much to capture your heart: you will love the cute polar bears, especially the ones ice skating and playing golf. An impressive jigsaw puzzle, one that will cheer you up every time you get the pieces out of the box.

Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3.

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