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Flower’s Life 1000 Piece Puzzle


The secret life of flowers. If you look closely at the flowers, you will notice what a busy life the bees, bugs, and insects have. A charming 1000 piece Flower's Life puzzle that will have you inspecting your own floral arrangement. There is an assortment of jobs being completed. There is a talented butterfly painting his beloved caterpillar, ants parachuting in to land, bugs enjoying a ride in their van, and of course, a ladybug firefighter ensuring the water hose doesn’t get tangled. This sensational jigsaw puzzle measures 27.6” x 19.7” and is manufactured in Germany by Heye. The colors are vibrant and pop. The bright red, deep purple, pretty pink, and contrasting blues and greens make this jigsaw puzzle such a delight to look at. Designed by the marvelous artist Marino Degano, the uniqueness of this puzzle will definitely put a smile on your face.

Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jana R. (West Chester, PA, US)

Loved this puzzle. Challenging but not too much with a beautiful end product.

M (Chesapeake, VA, US)

This puzzle is so much fun! Delights for everyone with pretty flowers and naughty bugs. There is minimal puzzle dust. The pieces have a not-so-unique fit, so it makes the gray edges a bit challenging. Overall super quality of the image and very happy-making. Definitely recommend for anyone who loves humour and beauty all in one!

Carter E. (Newport News, VA, US)
A very pleasant new experience with a new puzzle.

I am fond of eeBoo and Cobble Hill Puzzles so this was a very enjoyable time for me. I found this puzzle both unique and challenging with lots of eyes and little people. The floral design was well made.

Linda L. (San Antonio, TX, US)
Whimsical puzzle, bugs are fun

Artist Marino Degano, born in Italy, raised in Germany, residing in France, has taken a classical floral and given it a contemporary twist, reminiscent of the late 1960s and early 1970s. War and peace--via bugs. The very martial planes in the top portion of the puzzle and the mostly peaceful protest on the tabletop where the vase sits. One star deducted in my review for the military theme at the top of the puzzle and the triangular box, which I very much dislike. Other than these criticisms, the puzzle is a delight as the bugs, in all their guises, are sprinkled throughout the flowers, which keeps puzzle building engaging and fun. By guises, I mean there is a bug pushing a baby carriage, there is an artist bug, there are tourist bugs in airborne dirigibles, actually pod casings of some sort. The names of the flowers are labeled with small placards. Degano has left no creative angle untouched. The puzzle was a delight to work, with a few unexpected surprises, such as some upside-down insects.

Lenise B. (Warren, MI, US)
Flowers Life

This was also Christmas present. Lovely subject matter, especially loved the bugs. Can’t wait to put this puzzle together.

Puzzle_Lover (San Jose, CA, US)
Soooo much fun!!!

I have to be honest... I skipped buying this puzzle a few times as the thumbnail image was not appealing to me. Boy, what a mistake it was! I bought it when puzzle choices were limited during the past couple of months and I am sooo glad I did! It was an absolute delight to work on it. There are so many hidden fun details! I highly recommend it!!! You won't be disappointed.