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Color Boom Pure 1000 Piece Puzzle


Immerse yourself in color with this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It takes you on an adventure through the color wheel. You could almost dive right into the scene, where the light at the center is truly dazzling. The puzzle has a real richness to it; be swept up in pulsating pink or consumed with opulent purple, quicken your pace when you reach electric blue, dance in the greens and yellows, and be warmed diving into orange and red. This puzzle that makes the senses go wild. It is manufactured in Italy using premium inks and the board is made with eco-friendly materials. Enjoy your favorite hobby and put together the pieces to complete the 27” x 19” puzzle. The great thing about the Color Boom Pure puzzle is that you’ll be inspired to add more color into your life.

Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3.

Customer Reviews

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Roberta S. (Scottsdale, AZ, US)
So satisfying

i would say at most this is only moderately challenging - well it is 1000 pieces, and it might take some time (there is a lot of pink), but compared to a busy illustration, this is easy. Sorting by color is key. Then it’s all about color and piece shape to put it all together.

Sorting: I found the edge pieces and sorted by color. Then I sub sorted the colors in trays by light and dark hues. Most of those sorts had 2 trays. The pink sort had four! I sorted out the very lightest pieces separately, so that tray did have a combination of colors. Of course the colors run into each other, see Construction for the next step.

Construction: With preparation, a gradient puzzle is possibly the most relaxing type of puzzle to do. Once you find the edge pieces and build the frame, you have the ultimate foundation. Laying the pieces out by color, hue and shape is some work, but then the construction just flows along color by color, and ends in a big smile when placing that last piece.

Quality: I picked this one because reviews gave the brand high marks. This puzzle lived up to most of them. I was surprised that 4 pieces had splitting tabs I had to glue together, and the piece fit was quite loose. The box cover was the only illustration - no poster. The pieces had good color match. They have a bit of sheen, so easier to work in daylight. There was little puzzle dust, no pieces connected uncut, and no missing pieces. Also on the plus side, there were no false fits; it was 100% clear when the correct piece went into place.

I professed early into this almost 9 month old hobby that I had no interest in doing a solid color puzzle; that I wanted to watch an illustration come together and then enjoy seeing the finished product. I also know now that I would rather piece a picture puzzle that has large areas of similar color than do a “busy” puzzle. All that still holds true. A gradient puzzle is neither a solid color nor an illustration. It is a true hybrid to my puzzling aesthetic. I recently completed a lenticular puzzle. It was extremely challenging. I’ve decided a gradient puzzle is a good departure after working on a difficult one.

And of course they are fun!

Be warned — as the name implies, this is a pure full spectrum gradient, the design so many brands came out with in the beginning of what appears to be a gradient craze. Clementoni has several in their Color Boom Collection. They all get more complicated and harder. If you are new to puzzles, start with one like this.

My ratings: Quality B+, Fun Factor A+