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Triangle Pattern 500 Piece Round Puzzle
Steve H. (Madison, MS, US)
Great and challenging round 500 piece puzzle.

Enjoyed putting a round puzzle together because it changes how one envisions the pieces when looking for the next piece of the puzzle.

My niece loved the whimsies

I gave this puzzle to my niece, and she really enjoyed it. She especially liked the shaped pieces.

The Library 1000 Piece Puzzle
Kelly S. (Atlanta, GA, US)

The cheapest I can find Jan Van Haasteren puzzles!


Love, Love, Love!

Camping in the Forest 1000 Piece Puzzle
Kelly S. (Atlanta, GA, US)

Love any puzzle of Jan Van Haasteren, cheapest I can find

A Race with Friends 500 Piece Puzzle
Meg C. (Grand Rapids, MI, US)
Beautiful, high quality puzzle.

I loved this puzzle -"A Race with Friends 500 Piece Puzzle". It was a real treat for the fall season with all the warm colors. One thing I liked about it is that the pieces are smaller, yet really good quality. The smaller size was nice for me doing it mostly on my own because it all sat very close to me on the table. I would definitely buy more of this brand (Trefl) but I prefer 300-500 size and they mostly have 1000+ size.

Canasta Playing Cards
Peg N. (La Jolla, CA, US)
Excellent playing cards. Great feel and size.

I also bought bridge cards.

Bicycles 1000 Piece Puzzle
TOM B. (Houghton, MI, US)
bicycle puzzle as Christmas gift

This was a interesting puzzle. The border, which I usually do first, was difficult because the word "bicycle" was continually repeated and the print was small. It worked out better to just go ahead and work the puzzle and fit in the edge pieces as I went along.
I applied jigsaw puzzle to glue the front of the puzzle to seal it. Then I cut a piece of board a little bigger than the puzzle. Using Elmer's Glue for School, I glued the back of the puzzle to that board. So now I have a Christmas gift for the bicycle enthusiast in the family.

Italian Riviera 636 Piece Puzzle
Lisa P. (Saint Charles, MO, US)
Fun In The Sun

This was a quick, easy puzzle & I enjoyed every minute of it! I'm also a big fan of Gibsons so I'm glad to see they're coming out with some "different" puzzles.

Crazy Candies 500 Piece Puzzle
Lisa P. (Saint Charles, MO, US)
Yummy Fun!

Great puzzle! More challenging than it looks, the colors were so bright & fun. I'm really enjoying Trefl's offering of sweet puzzles! You can't buy just one!

O Sole Mio! 2000 Piece Puzzle
JGeyer (San Tan Valley, AZ, US)

This is a very fun puzzle to put together. Colorful and delightful design. I really wish there were more interesting puzzles like this one in 1500 - 2000 size.

Mystery Boxes
Debbie C.
Mystery box

Very nice puzzles and brands I have not done before. Looking forward to trying new ones.

Bird Paradise 1000 Piece Puzzle
sandra s. (West Milford, NJ, US)
Loved this one!

Beautiful colors, beautiful composition. Lots of fun!

Elephant’s Life 1000 Piece Puzzle
Stephen G. (Rogers, AR, US)
As usual, very humorous Heye cartoon puzzle

I prefer humorous cartoon puzzles and Heye has some of the best. This is up to their usual high quality and a great image.

Beagles 1000 Piece Panorama Jigsaw Puzzle
Janelle W. (Oregon City, OR, US)
Time well spent

This is our first 1,000 piece puzzle. We are committed to the end to slowly but surely find a place for each of the small puzzle pieces. Love the picture. Love the challenge.

Chapel of Hope 500 Piece Puzzle
Liz W. (Colleyville, TX, US)
Chapel of Hope

Cobble Hill is my favorite puzzle company anyway, but Chapel of Hope really did give me hope during a hard time in my life. It's so beautiful and there is a bible verse (Jeremiah 29:11) above the chapel door. "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, " Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future ". The longer I did the puzzle, the better I felt. Highly recommend 🙏🏻❤

Wentworth littles

I love doing these little puzzles as stress relievers..I have a bunch of them & like to give them as gifts!

Loved it!

What a fun puzzle to do! The end result was delightful. Great quality too. Thanks!

Mike Jupp "I Love Summer"

I Love these kind of puzzles! There is so much activity going on in the scene which makes it challenging and interesting. I will be definitely be purchasing another one.

Beach 1000 Piece Puzzle
Arthur J. (New Haven, CT, US)
Still at it

Got a late start from when I ordered the puzzle. Probably should have start with a 10 piece puzzle and worked up, but not me 1000 and off I go.. Challenging and slowly getting it done..

Keswick 1000 Piece Puzzle
Linda D. (Portland, OR, US)

Really enjoyed this puzzle
Great colors

The Winery 1000 Piece Puzzle
Cathy B. (Palatine, IL, US)
Super Fun!

As always, Jan van Haasteren's The Winery was so fun to put together. My husband and I look for all the familiar people, places, and things that show up in every one of Haasteren's puzzles: the shark fin, the turtle and snail racing, the twins, the cat, the ghost, St. Nick, etc. Have already started the next Haasteren puzzle from Galaxy Puzzles.

Koi Pond 1000 Piece Puzzle
Isabella A. (Safety Harbor, FL, US)
A challenge but worth it

This one was difficult to start but once I studied it and of course did many sorts it started to come together. All the pieces are different so I found I had to resort a number of times as I got to know the puzzle. Not for beginners.

This one will make your eyes cross!

Very busy puzzle with flying puzzle pieces and all the fun elements of an iconic JVH puzzle- shark fin, mean mother-in-law, snail, spotted dog, random gripping hands and tiger tails, and a characterization of Jan himself ...all in good fun!

Let's Go Fishing 500 Piece Puzzle
Janelle W. (Oregon City, OR, US)
The best puzzle pictures EVER!

We love the pictures. We ordered two puzzles, Golden Puppies. We love the matt finish. The best!