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Toys in the Attic 1000 Piece Puzzle
Y H. (Beltsville, MD, US)
Great Puzzle!

Fun scene with enough objects of different color and texture in the picture to keep it engaging the whole way through and easy for a few people to work on at once. The pieces are not the unusual shapes we usually enjoy working with, but do click into place firmly and easily without being too hard to disconnect. Thanks!

Great Fun

This puzzle is a great conversation starter. We laughed and pondered what some products might be. Loved the many fonts and helpful borders.

Cat's Life 1000 Piece Puzzle
claudia p. (Agoura Hills, CA, US)
Cats Life

Loved It

Ciruelo's red dragon puzzle

A wonderful puzzle: great detail, interesting pieces, and a blast to do. I definitely recommend it! ☆☆☆☆☆

The Sunflower Garden 1000 Piece Puzzle
Carter E. (Newport News, VA, US)
This is the most difficult one that I have worked on during the pandemic.

i love it. It is so beautiful. It is very well cut and the pieces snap together easily. i will order another just as soon as I am finished. Thank you Galaxy Puzzles

Botanicals by Verneuil 1000 Piece Puzzle
Madeline (Alexandria, VA, US)
Perfect for flower lovers

This puzzle was not too difficult and not too hard. If you enjoy flowers, you will probably enjoy this puzzle!

I love boats

What chaos!! Challenging but fun. I counted as many people in the water as in the boats! Luxury liners, kayaks, sailboats, rescuers, octopus, and every water bird known! The lighthouse keeper looks to the skies for help???

Funky Zoo Puzzles

Doing them all!!! They are lots of fun and it is interesting to see the where the same characters will show up in each puzzle.

Fun, nostalgic

My wife particularly enjoyed this one as she loves this genre of homes. A quick and easy throwback to another era. Difficulty = low.

Milford Sound 1000 Piece Puzzle
William H. (Carlsbad, CA, US)
Beautiful image

This is a beautiful image and we especially enjoy the panoramic style. Wish there were more of them. Difficulty: low to moderate


When you work a puzzle of an artwork you have seen many times, it gives new insight into the artist's efforts and skill. This is a remarkable painting to see in person and completing this puzzle was somewhat challenging but also a lot of fun. Difficulty = moderate

Art Nouveau Tiles 1000 Piece Puzzle
William H. (Carlsbad, CA, US)
Beautiful and different

We really liked this one. It may even prove to be an inspiration in our upcoming kitchen remodel. Difficulty = low. Enjoyment = high

Written in the Stars 500 Piece Puzzle
Patricia M. (New York, NY, US)
Bad puzzle.

So disappointed. So many pieces missing. Expensive n sad we could not finish this puzzle.
Loved the picture, still waiting for a replacement. Hope you can make this replacement soon.
Thank you.

This is the first notification of an issue with this puzzle. Missing pieces can, unfortunately, happen at times with any puzzle. Gibsons stands behind the puzzles they make. A new copy of the puzzle will be on its way to you shortly. Please allow time for it to get to you as it is coming from outside the USA. Galaxy Puzzles is out of stock currently. Please contact Galaxy Puzzles directly with future puzzle issues.

Harvest Festival 500 Piece Puzzle
Liz W. (Marshall, TX, US)
Best puzzle brand

Cobble Hill is my go to puzzle company. The pieces are sturdy and uniquely shaped..not too easy but not infuriatingly hard. Will always love their puzzles!

O Sole Mio! 2000 Piece Puzzle
Shelley D. (Charlotte, NC, US)
Cartoon Like, But Very Detailed

2,000 pieces, but not overly difficult. Lots of color variety and enough information non each piece. We bought the roll up mat, but still had to sort into a number of cookie sheets to manage it all.

Very clean pieces and fit together quite securely - no question you have it in the right place. Crazy active scenes all through the puzzle. Almost feel we got to know each little scene.

The Tribuna of the Uffizi 1000 Piece Puzzle
Dave S. (Bergenfield, NJ, US)
Fast delivery.

I was very impressed with the expeditious delivery of this beautiful puzzle. It was securely packed and protected in sturdy box. Thanks.

Easter Cookies 350 Piece Family Puzzle
Candice P. (Lake Mary, FL, US)
My Favorite Puzzle!

Absolutely love this puzzle. Great for all ages to work together.

Tea Party 500 Piece Puzzle
Elisa (Chicago, IL, US)
Sweet Tea

We enjoyed this bright and colorful puzzle. It was a quick one to assemble on a lazy Sunday morning. Inspired us to have our own tea party later on. eeBoo’s circular puzzle was high quality. Galaxy Puzzles does a great job with orders. Puzzles arrived promptly and in perfect condition.

Summer Night 1000 Piece Puzzle
Stacy O. (Amarillo, TX, US)

Easy to put together, Calming colors! Highly recommend!

By the Bay 500 Piece Puzzle
Joann R. (San Rafael, CA, US)

fun, nice, and reasonably challenging

Nevertheless She Persisted 1000 Piece Puzzle
Rachel B. (Burnsville, NC, US)
Nevertheless, I completed it!

What can you say? Sturdy beautiful pieces. Great puzzle!

100 Years of Film Panoramic 1000 Piece Puzzle
Rachel B. (Burnsville, NC, US)
So much fun!

So much fun! Enjoyed the brand too!

Bingo Blunder! 1000 Piece Puzzle
Rachel B. (Burnsville, NC, US)
Fun and different

A bit of a challenge, but very fun. Here’s a picture if you want to know what it looks like completed. Don’t look unless you really want to

Photo has been hidden so other customers may enjoy the discovery as well. Thank you for leaving a review though. It is appreciated!

A Day on the River 1000 Piece Puzzle
Claire Y. (Carlsbad, CA, US)
A Day on the river, my first try of JUMBO brand

Pro: good quality pieces, nice fit and interlock so sections can be moved easily during assembling.
Con: this image is not a traditional painting (by paint and brush) which contained many digitally inserted sections, e.g.people on the boats. Overall I was disappointed by the art so I took off a star.
Galaxy puzzle has become one of my reliable puzzle shopping site with easy ordering process and reasonably short shipping time.

Let's Go Fishing 500 Piece Puzzle
Sarah E. (Warrington, PA, US)

Loved the faces on the dogs! The figures are well defined and the colors are pretty separate . I like that because sorting is pretty easy. Cobble Hill-great quality always.