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Galaxy Puzzles has been in business since 2005. Yes, a small business, but one with integrity serving the puzzle loving community with high quality and top rated puzzles and puzzle lines. Galaxy Puzzles reviews speak for themselves. Take a look and read what previous customers have to say both about Galaxy Puzzles and the products it sells.

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Fun Challenge

Cute puzzle with lots of detail. I liked all the little buildings. I did the 250 piece one, and it was fun and just enough challenge. Beautiful Wentworth quality, as always!

Great Big Owl 1000 Piece Puzzle
Amanda H. (New Canaan, CT, US)
Great puzzling experience !

Group of five at Thanksgiving found this puzzle engaging and fun to solve. Challenging enough to keep us entertained for hours, but not fustrated.

The Pirate Ship 1500 Piece Puzzle
Anonymous (Fuquay-Varina, NC, US)
Not the greatest...

It's definitely a tough puzzle which is cool because I love a good challenge; however, the way the pieces are cut are absolutely horrendous! SO many of it's pieces easily (& seemingly perfectly) fit into other pieces that it's not until you hold the 2 pieces up to a light and see that there is ever so slightly too much light coming through the tiniest crack. So, you give it a small wiggle to verify, and yep, it's not a fit. So very frustrating. I'm an experienced puzzler so I know there is much better quality than this particular brand. Also find myself having to use a flashlight to see the varying colors on the sky and water pieces as the two lights I have on at all times aren't doing the job. Will not be buying my next challenge from Clementoni.


We got this gorgeous & meanigful puzzle for my mother's 93rd Birthday. Though she has lost vision in one of her eyes she is still the puzzle queen! May God bless her!

Mystery Boxes
Melissa (Mesquite, TX, US)
It's certainly a surprise

So, having watched someone's unveiling of what they received in their mystery box and having a birthday coming up, I was excited about this. The other person received beautiful puzzles. My thoughts, why not? This is cool. ***Now, I've noticed that Galaxy Puzzles invites people to review but if you review this particular thing negatively, they respond back in a way that I think is kind of snarky. I dislike that, and I will be totally upfront about it. Yes, it's a surprise, but if a person didn't like what they received, they also have a right to say so and that's the whole point of asking for feedback. Because it's a surprise, you take a risk and it can't be returned that I'm aware of. Unfortunately, I found one puzzle to be very creepy (actually sent a picture to several people and they were like what????) and the others, I simply didn't like them. Next time, I will stick with picking my own puzzles out, because this didn't work for me. To Galaxy Puzzles, I have a recommendation. The Mystery Box idea is fantastic and exciting - absolutely. If a customer is a major puzzler and slightly picky and then receives 3 puzzles that are a little ugly, well....The recommendation: when someone buys a Mystery Box, study their wish lists to see their tastes. That would be a truly great, customer-oriented service option that could become super popular, I'm sure. Love the idea. It just didn't work for me.

Thank you for your feedback. Previous orders are taken into consideration and this was your first order. Wish lists are not and are not always accessible on the back end. Many wish lists are anonymous and only a tiny percentage of customers use them.

Good puzzle, not too easy or too hard

Working this with my Mom who has Alzheimer's. She can get most of it, I just do some pieces here and there, to connect up sections she has done. Really enjoy working this together.

Mystery Boxes
Rita A. (Atlanta, GA, US)
Myster box

Love the puzzles great price

Jumbo Goes Shopping 1000 Piece Puzzle
Alex C. (Greenville, SC, US)
Great puzzel

We always love Van Haasteren puzzles, and especial made by Jumbo. The pieces go together really well and there is none of the "sawdust" that you get with other puzzle brands when you open the bag.

Mystery Boxes
Cutebanter (Alhambra, CA, US)
Good Deal

Quality puzzles, not necessarily the images I would choose, but that's what makes the mystery boxes good, they take you out of your typical zone.


Wentworth never disappoints, and the 250 piece puzzles are perfect when you just want to sit down and do a quick puzzle. Lots of the thoughtful details that make Wentworth puzzles so enjoyable.

Italian Riviera 636 Piece Puzzle
Cutebanter (Alhambra, CA, US)
Fun on the Beach

What a fun, colorful puzzle. My husband and I really enjoyed it! A little challenging in some parts but the umbrellas and boats were relatively easy.

Bon Ton Magazine Cover 1903 1000 Piece Puzzle
Roberta S. (Scottsdale, AZ, US)
Such a lovely image

Tricky hard but worth it! Well, not hard in the way a “busy” puzzle is, when pieces with multiple colors make it difficult to know where they will go in the puzzle. For this beautiful illustration, once carefully sorted, where the pieces go is quite clear. Tricky, but clear. (See more in “Construction”.)

Quality: I knew from the moment I saw this puzzle, I would want to do it. This is my favorite kind of puzzle; I truly enjoy piecing large areas of similar color. Despite “tricky”, in that regard it did not disappoint. There were, however, some quality issues that detracted from the ultimate enjoyment. Loose piece fit - the worst I’ve seen so far. Even 2 pieces fell apart when trying to pick them up. False fits - I found them throughout the puzzle. Lesser things were noticeable puzzle dust and an overly large box which held only the sealed plastic bag of pieces; there was no poster. Color match of the full box top picture to the pieces was fine. For the pieces themselves — they were great! Practically matte finish, all the traditional shapes were present, but the vast majority were the 2 ins / 2 outs variety. None of them were together uncut or in any way damaged, and none were missing.

Getting started: Find the edge pieces and sort by color. Another benefit of puzzles with few colors — it does cut down on my least favorite puzzling chore. Sorting — I do it painstakingly for every puzzle because it makes the construction phase so much more satisfying. I even sub-sort the initial sorting to pull out objects or color variations. For this puzzle, I did all the sorting while finding the edge pieces. That included red, brown, blue, blue with white, half blue / half white, each style of lettering, the face, a very handy row of red, gray and blue pieces, and the distinguishable colors of the background.

Construction: Because the frame would offer very little color information and a big chance for false fits, I did not build it first. I laid out all the red pieces by color and shape. Starting with that handy row mentioned above, I put the lady together from skirt bottom to face, adorned her with hat, gloves and muff; she was fashionably ready for Fall, 1903. I filled in the darkest of the background pieces surrounding her. Then, I found the frame pieces that went along that part of the bottom edge, those with the large white “S”, and the two with the small bannered text on the right side. Next, I pieced together all the text and placed it where it might go. I added the row above BON TON and to that, more frame pieces.
I admit it, most of the rest of the construction was pretty tricky. The left hand blue column - ugh! All those little bugs and intricate details. Thing is I loved every minute of the hours it took. Eventually, I was also able to build the inside frames (a line around the entire illustration, and a double line around the central feature) with the sorted pieces. With that, the remaining edge pieces could go where they belonged!
The trickiest part came last. The background - oh boy. So many variations in tone and color not seen at first glance. I tried to sort them all out by color and shape, yes, TRICKY! For one thing, as previously stated, most of them were the same shape. I was often reduced to finding pieces by the shape of tabs and holes. Then the color — this was not like doing a gradient puzzle — the color changed midstream everywhere. Very little of it is actually “white”. Yet again, I was having fun! For me, every piece I finally place is like a reward. I’ve done “busy”, it takes me no less time. More work than fun, and truly less joyful - I know there are a lot of puzzlers with an opposite view. I so appreciate that puzzling offers personal choice.

Conclusion: I know I said this puzzle was tricky hard. It did offer challenges along the way, but more in time and patience than in complicated design. And, I’m slow, my hours might be your minutes. All I know is I had fun, and for the time I spent puzzling my mind was clear and I was calm. However that happens, it’s a gift.

Camping Commotion 1000 Piece Puzzle
Lori G. (Ware, MA, US)
Wasgij puzzles

I am a HUGE fan of wasgij puzzles, they are challenging and funny all at the same time. Its fun to try to figure out what happens next.

Tarantino Films 1000 Piece Puzzle
Keith D. (Chicago, IL, US)
Full Tilt Boogie

Awesome puzzle - loved finding the different scenes from QT’s films. This isn’t a gripe but a suggestion - a checklist of the scenes, characters and references could add to the enjoyment if included. Overall, it was a great time at the puzzle table with the wife.

Fido's Coffee Bar 636 Piece Puzzle
Christine C. (Chandler, AZ, US)
Fido's Coffee Bar 636

This puzzle was really fun!

Cats in Positano 1000 Piece Puzzle
LHicks (Albuquerque, NM, US)
Super fun

A lot of fun and the chairs are challenging. Always satisfied with Galaxy Puzzles service and LOVE the charity contribution.

Mystery Boxes
Marie A. (Lake Orion, MI, US)
Mystery Box

I ordered 3 mystery boxes which arrived today. This was a wonderful experience and I highly recommended buying one and taking a chance on the fun of a surprise, as I got 3 puzzles in each box, mostly 1000 piece, a 2000, and one 500. I have made several recent purchases with Galaxy and all have been wonderful/smooth, and I will definitely be back for more in the future.

Doughnuts Puzzle (500 or 1000 Piece)
Tina S.J. (Vancouver, WA, US)
Relatively easy and fun (500-piece count)

This is a great puzzle if you're looking for a relatively easy, fun puzzle. Due to the piece count (500) and the uniqueness of each donut picture, the puzzle can be assembled with relative ease, one donut at a time. This is a nice choice for new and/or young puzzlers -- and donut lovers, too, of course!

Panda Naps 1000 Piece Puzzle
Tina S.J. (Vancouver, WA, US)
Adorable and satisfying

This adorable puzzle is moderately challenging and delightful to look at once completed. The colors are more vibrant than they appear on the box cover. Would have given 5 stars were it not for the oversized box.

Map of London 1000 Piece Puzzle
T.S.J. (Vancouver, WA, US)

This is a delightful puzzle from Gibsons, so you know it's well made. From the illustrator Josie Shenoy, this whimsical puzzle is more fun than challenging--perfect for a relaxing evening.

Buildings of London 500 Piece Puzzle
Janet D. (Hammond, LA, US)
Fun and challenging

It has been years since I worked a circular puzzle. It makes you think in more than ordinary rectangular shapes. Very pleased at how well the pieces were cut and how well it all went together. It will be going into the downstairs bathroom, which is getting a new theme based on the Underground, along with some other framed posters and items.

Christmas Ornaments 1000 Piece Puzzle
Nancy C. (Somers, NY, US)
It's a gift!

I haven't done the puzzle, nor will I ever do it, as it's a Christmas present to a puzzle-loving friend. What I can say is that I hope the finished product will look as beautiful as the photo on the box!

Worth the Effort

This was like doing twelve separate puzzles. It took some time but was well worth it. So much that I had it matted and framed to use as Christmas decoration this year!

Anton Seder 2000 Piece Puzzle
Maryann E.S. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Murillo art

This is a very challenging puzzle and is very addictive in a good way. You just keep trying to complete another section which is remarkably beautiful.

Fire Brigade 1000 Piece Puzzle
Michelle K. (Chicago, IL, US)
Fun fun fun

Loved this puzzle. I had no problems with pieces or anything. Perfect!