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Galaxy Puzzles has been in business since 2005. Yes, a small business, but one with integrity serving the puzzle loving community with high quality and top rated puzzles and puzzle lines. Galaxy Puzzles reviews speak for themselves. Take a look and read what previous customers have to say both about Galaxy Puzzles and the products it sells.

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Gorgeous puzzle

This puzzle is more beautiful than the photos and I love the extra challenge of random cut and whimsical pieces. Galaxy shipped quickly and I received my order in just a few days.

English Cottage 1000 Piece Puzzle
DENELLE D. (Union City, NJ, US)
Quite Beautiful!!

I had this on my wishlist for some time and finally decided to get it and certainly wasn't disappointed.

First off, there was absolutely no dust! There's a sheet like coating on the back that eliminates the dust during the cutting process. Reasonably good thickness and locking while putting the pieces together.

The pieces do have an incredibly high sheen/gloss. I thought I was going to be put off by it but came to like it very much.

Overall, this puzzle was fairly easy to build, the cottage theme was beautiful and I may get it framed as it reminds me of my mother's garden.

I highly recommend giving this puzzle a try.

Who Wants Pie? Puzzle
Marsha (Oswego, NY, US)
Dog Gone Cute

Fun putting it together! I glued it,framed it and gave it to a family member.

VIP Club
Leigh O. (New York, NY, US)
VIP access

Thank you for giving me then opportunity to purchase puzzles.

Saying Grace 1000 Piece Puzzle
emily b. (Eugene, OR, US)
black sections too difficult

It's a beautiful puzzle and fun to do until you get to the dark/black sections. The pieces are most all the same shape and no color distinctions. I gave up

Panda Naps 1000 Piece Puzzle
Roberta S. (Scottsdale, AZ, US)
Challenging but worth it!

Well, hey Heye! Let me introduce myself. I turned 75 about six months ago and decided I needed a new hobby. Puzzles, something I hadn’t done since my grown grandkids were very young. I read you make great puzzles. So, I should put one in my stash. I perused your selections; many were way above my skill level. Then I saw the Dreaming collection, all so sweet, and picked this one. Looked sortable, with large areas of different colors, and individual objects that could be sorted out. Umm, not so much.

This puzzle was hard. I felt accomplished for having gotten the frame completed! I am pretty new to serious puzzling, but I don’t think anyone would say this one was easy!

So, what made it so challenging? The majority of the pieces were textured and many of those textures were multicolored. Yes, I sorted as best I could by color, sub sorted by light and dark pieces, and sorted out the black and palest blue panda pieces, pink flowers and what probably were the lanterns.

So, now you are asking “sounds doable, why so hard?” Same answer, all the texture that was everywhere. Particularly difficult in the beginning, when there were so many pieces to choose from, even when sorted by shape. This was a ribbon cut puzzle, but the majority of pieces were the 2 tips - 2 open sides variety. In 1000 pieces, there was only one 4 open sides piece!

The first thing I put together was the big yellow flower; okay, my sorting made that relatively easy. Left with the rest, I just said “oh boy, this is going to be difficult”. I worked, and worked, and worked on the bottom. Then I thought, maybe if I could connect the stem that ran through the puzzle I could build off of it. It was a time consuming effort that had little to do with piece shape; I had to go through all the sorts looking for the almost black, dark brown, lighter brown lines, but it was a good move.

Surprisingly, I was never frustrated. However long it took, finding that piece that fit was so satisfying. I was determined and I was actually having fun. Fun isn’t the only benefit. Puzzling is mind clearing, calming and peaceful. It’s a good thing!

Puzzle quality — mostly very good. The box is sturdy but overly large. Inside the box was a sealed bag of pieces, a small catalogue and nothing else. No poster, but the box pic showed the complete puzzle with a good color match to the puzzle pieces. No puzzle dust. Very loose piece fit - this seems to be an issue throughout brands. It is very annoying when even 3 pieces fall apart trying to pick up or move them! The pieces were sturdy, none were still together in the bag, none were bent, torn, or separating, and thank goodness, none were missing. They did have a bit of sheen; working the puzzle was best in daylight because of all the color variances.

The puzzle illustration is beautifully produced, and oh so charming. I want to hug the chubby little panda but it’s sleeping. Shhh.

Perfect Puzzle

I love this puzzle, from the beautiful picture to the perfectly crafted pieces this puzzle has it all!

First “busy” puzzle for this Newbie

Oh boy, this was daunting! I actually wasn’t sure how enjoyable this experience was going to turn out. I wasn’t giving up, but it seemed like work more than fun, and felt as if it would take weeks to put it together. I was wrong on both counts.

The “work” continued. I was never actually discouraged, but it still looked like it might take forever. Then, for reasons I can’t really explain, I suddenly said to myself “I’m having fun!”. And in the end, I spent no more time doing this puzzle than most of the other 1000 piece puzzles I’ve done. Certainly I was challenged, and yes, I felt accomplished putting in the last piece. Admittedly, I referenced the box top / poster . . . umm, a lot.

Puzzling — it is the most calming activity I have ever done. No matter how complicated a puzzle looks, the process stays the same. Getting lost in it, not thinking about anything else, taking a break and realizing how much I feel at peace - it’s amazing!

Puzzle quality - since this is my first Gibsons puzzle, I can’t make comparisons, but this one, dare I say, was perfect! Box pic and enclosed poster had excellent piece color match, The finish is matte. No puzzle dust, sealed plastic bag of sturdy pieces that were thicker than other brands, good variety of traditional shapes, none were stuck together or damaged in any way, none were missing. Piece fit was tight enough to pick up or move sections around. Okay, nothing’s perfect - the well made box, secured with 2 clear stickers, is overly big and did not show puzzle measurements. No stars off for that! If you are a new puzzler like me stay positive and enjoy the process. This is a great puzzle!

Buttons 1000 Piece Puzzle
Jilian (San Antonio, TX, US)
Border is tough!

The buttons are a lot of fun to do. Love the sayings and bright colors but you have to get past that frustrating border. All the same color denim.

Room with Wave 1000 Piece Puzzle
Cutebanter (San Gabriel, CA, US)
Want in this Room!

Loved everything about this puzzle! Medium difficulty, just enough to not be too easy.


this was a challenge...but wonderful to work. Loved the subtle colors.

Sunflowers 250 Piece Puzzle
DEE Q. (Fresno, CA, US)
GoVan Gogh

A beautiful to work.

Flower Cupboard 500 Piece Puzzle
DeeDee (Little Rock, AR, US)
Enjoyed This One

The colors are so pretty and it was fun to do, only 500 pieces so it didn't take long.

Botanicals by Verneuil 1000 Piece Puzzle
DeeDee (Little Rock, AR, US)
Fun Puzzle

I loved this puzzle. It was so fun to put together. The only problem was that one piece was missing.

Cobble Hill stands behind their puzzles. If you contact them here, they will assist you:

Healthy Veggie 1000 Piece Puzzle
Richard (Spring, TX, US)
A Great Puzzle

Very colorful, well made puzzle I think anyone would enjoy. Pieces interlock well and the finished puzzle is good enough to frame an hang. Will be buying more from this puzzle maker here at Galaxy Puzzles.


The puzzle was so much fun to do. The pieces fit together beautifully. I glued my puzzle and it looks great!😍

Extravaganza 1000 Piece Puzzle
Cheryl P. (Marietta, GA, US)
Extravaganza puzzle

Puzzle was shipped as soon as I ordered it..A little pricey but worth it ..Thanks

Cats at Work 1000 Piece Puzzle
leslie o. (Cary, NC, US)
Best cat puzzle

Beautiful, creative kitty puzzle. Very high quality and fun to put together.

Hummingbirds 1000 Piece Puzzle
Linda D. (Portland, OR, US)

Gorgeous bright colors and was a challenge but very enjoyable

Painted Ladies 1000 Piece Puzzle
Linda D. (Portland, OR, US)
Painted Ladies

Fun Puzzle..great colors.

Story of Wine 1000 Piece Puzzle
Richard (Spring, TX, US)
Gift Purchase

I gave this puzzle as a gift to an avid puzzler and wine drinker. She loves it. Plans to preserve and hang it. Really a fun puzzle to assemble she told me.

Tarantino Films 1000 Piece Puzzle
Ken M. (Northville, MI, US)

2 pieces missing including an edge

Very sorry to hear you are missing two pieces. Puzzle pieces have a tendency to wander, but very occasionally it can also be a manufacturing issue. Galaxy Puzzles and the distributor stand behind the Heye puzzles. Please respond back if you would like a replacement puzzle sent.

Cafe 500 Piece Puzzle
Eugenia M. (Milwaukee, WI, US)
Beautiful puzzle

This is a beautiful puzzle. I was surprised that it does not come with an additional picture of the puzzle.
You only have the pictures on the box, and they are way too small.

Thank you for leaving a review. Galaxy Puzzles is a retailer and not the manufacturer of this puzzle. Trefl puzzles do not include posters. Cobble Hill, eeBoo and the triangular box series by Heye come with posters and you may wish to try one of those lines in the future.

Cat's Life 1000 Piece Puzzle
Loie R. (Schofield, WI, US)
Cat's Life Puzzle

I absolutely love the puzzle!! Great picture and excellent quality.

Dog Gallery 1000 Piece Puzzle
K.B. (Hillsboro, OR, US)
Another Winner!

Wish I knew every artist here, but loved the idea! As others mentioned the frames are tricky. Great conversation starter.