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Galaxy Puzzles has been in business since 2005. Yes, a small business, but one with integrity serving the puzzle loving community with high quality and top rated puzzles and puzzle lines. Galaxy Puzzles reviews speak for themselves. Take a look and read what previous customers have to say both about Galaxy Puzzles and the products it sells.

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Big Ben, London 500 Piece Puzzle
Anonymous (New York, NY, US)
A Beautiful Puzzle

I had such a good time assembling this puzzle, my mom and I finished it within two days, I got it for her as a birthday present and she really liked it.

Cap a L'Aigle 1000 Piece Puzzle
Lindy S. (Federal Way, WA, US)
Truda Panet

Great quality, nice packaging and beautiful puzzle.

Gotham Bookstore Cats 500 Piece Puzzle
Betsy (Asheville, NC, US)
Beautiful Puzzle

This is a lovely puzzle and fun to do. Mine ended up with a piece missing, but I always hope this was me (or the cat) and not the manufacturer.

The Library 1000 Piece Puzzle
Betsy (Asheville, NC, US)
Lots of Fun

Jan van Haasteren puzzles are distinctive. I find them to be very entertaining. They do require a unique approach, You will definitely want to make use of the cover picture!

The Cat Library 1000 Piece Puzzle
Betsy (Asheville, NC, US)
Great Puzzle

This puzzle is as fun and as beautiful as it looks? You can make it REALLY hard— and prolong the time it takes to finish it— if you work it without referring to the picture.

Missing pieces

Puzzle was a nice level of challenging however when I got to the end 2 pieces were missing. Hopefully they will replace it soon. It’s a gift.

Cobble Hill stands behind all of the puzzles they produce. The customer was provided a toll-free number in order to obtain a replacement.

Mystery Boxes
Patricia F. (Cleveland, OH, US)
Mystery box win!

I got myself the mystery box as a birthday present to myself and it's been a blast! Puzzles I wouldn't normally buy but have been engaging and fun to build nonetheless! Will be getting another one soon :)

Cats in Positano 1000 Piece Puzzle
Vickie B. (San Gabriel, CA, US)
Wish I were those cats on the Amalfi Coast

Really enjoyed this puzzle. It was fun and mostly easy and relaxing. It has all the beautiful bright saturated colors and great images we love Eeboo puzzles for, but unfortunately the same delamination problems. (Eeboo, fix that please, your puzzles are so perfect otherwise.) The hardest part was all the black and white under the table! It's a good-sized puzzle, so make sure you have plenty of room when you do it.

100 Great Words 500 Piece Round Puzzle
Vickie B. (San Gabriel, CA, US)
Loved this Puzzle!

What a fun puzzle! Bright colors, unusual fonts, and I even learned a few new words! One of my favorite ones so far, too! I did the edge last, and put quite a few of them in the wrong place, they are very similar, but not a deal breaker. The only problem I have with Eeboo puzzles is the pieces delaminate very easily, especially when you put wrong pieces together, you have to be super careful taking them apart.

Magic Fair 1000 Piece Puzzle
Cindy L. (Denver, CO, US)
The Gang’s All Here!

All of Jan’s family and friends are visiting the Magic Fair and chaos reigns! As usual, Octo is mad, the Crook is stealing the inept Police officers guns, the Tax Official has pulled a disappearing act, and Sinterklass is lighter than air! And wait! Mother-in-law is stuck in the “Saw the Lady in Half” box and who is holding the saw?? It’s Father-in-law smiling a very big smile! This puzzle is lots of fun with strange characters and even stranger Magic!

Flower’s Life 1000 Piece Puzzle
Jana R. (West Chester, PA, US)

Loved this puzzle. Challenging but not too much with a beautiful end product.

Marmaduke 1000 Piece Puzzle
Betsy (Black Mountain, NC, US)
What a charmer!

Marmaduke is a delight. Enjoy the book titles, too.

Tropical Sunrise 1500 Piece Puzzle
Betsy (Black Mountain, NC, US)

This puzzle is fun to do and beautiful to look at. (Mine came with an extra edge piece, which was confusing, but harmless in the end.)

Flower’s Life 1000 Piece Puzzle
M (Chesapeake, VA, US)

This puzzle is so much fun! Delights for everyone with pretty flowers and naughty bugs. There is minimal puzzle dust. The pieces have a not-so-unique fit, so it makes the gray edges a bit challenging. Overall super quality of the image and very happy-making. Definitely recommend for anyone who loves humour and beauty all in one!

Poppy Fields Miniature 40 Piece Puzzle
Vickie B. (San Gabriel, CA, US)
Joyful Image

Love the beautiful field of flowers and Wentworth puzzles are always so fun to do!

Japanese Garden 40 Piece Miniature Puzzle
Vickie B. (San Gabriel, CA, US)
Pretty Little Puzzle

Fun and quick puzzle to make you feel like you're good at puzzles after doing a hard one! Usual beautiful Wentworth quality.

Triangle Pattern 500 Piece Round Puzzle
Steve H. (Madison, MS, US)
Great and challenging round 500 piece puzzle.

Enjoyed putting a round puzzle together because it changes how one envisions the pieces when looking for the next piece of the puzzle.

My niece loved the whimsies

I gave this puzzle to my niece, and she really enjoyed it. She especially liked the shaped pieces.

The Library 1000 Piece Puzzle
Kelly S. (Atlanta, GA, US)

The cheapest I can find Jan Van Haasteren puzzles!


Love, Love, Love!

Camping in the Forest 1000 Piece Puzzle
Kelly S. (Atlanta, GA, US)

Love any puzzle of Jan Van Haasteren, cheapest I can find

A Race with Friends 500 Piece Puzzle
Meg C. (Grand Rapids, MI, US)
Beautiful, high quality puzzle.

I loved this puzzle -"A Race with Friends 500 Piece Puzzle". It was a real treat for the fall season with all the warm colors. One thing I liked about it is that the pieces are smaller, yet really good quality. The smaller size was nice for me doing it mostly on my own because it all sat very close to me on the table. I would definitely buy more of this brand (Trefl) but I prefer 300-500 size and they mostly have 1000+ size.

Canasta Playing Cards
Peg N. (La Jolla, CA, US)
Excellent playing cards. Great feel and size.

I also bought bridge cards.

Bicycles 1000 Piece Puzzle
TOM B. (Houghton, MI, US)
bicycle puzzle as Christmas gift

This was a interesting puzzle. The border, which I usually do first, was difficult because the word "bicycle" was continually repeated and the print was small. It worked out better to just go ahead and work the puzzle and fit in the edge pieces as I went along.
I applied jigsaw puzzle to glue the front of the puzzle to seal it. Then I cut a piece of board a little bigger than the puzzle. Using Elmer's Glue for School, I glued the back of the puzzle to that board. So now I have a Christmas gift for the bicycle enthusiast in the family.

Italian Riviera 636 Piece Puzzle
Lisa P. (Saint Charles, MO, US)
Fun In The Sun

This was a quick, easy puzzle & I enjoyed every minute of it! I'm also a big fan of Gibsons so I'm glad to see they're coming out with some "different" puzzles.