Covid-19 update

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Territories as well as International shipments are being removed as of 5/11/2020 until shipping conditions improve.

Orders are being shipped to customers promptly and usually within one business day. The fulfillment center is doing a great job of getting orders out to customers. They are observing required safety protocols. No local pickup are allowed.

There are delays, sometimes major, in transit times due to USPS, Fedex, and UPS issues and the transit times listed on the website (post being shipped) are non-pandemic estimates. Galaxy Puzzles has no control over transit times once shipments have left the warehouse. Shipping issues are fluid from day to day and constantly changing. There have been delays in terms of tracking and scanning showing properly and the number of scans are reduced. Please think carefully regarding whether or not you want to upgrade. It is quite likely that Expedited and Express shipping will not mean that it will arrive in the 2-4 days or 24 hours as noted. 

Please assume approximately a month in transit for standard orders going to Alaska, Hawaii and Territories. 

Many international orders are not possible due to current postal limitations. Orders that are known to countries that have suspensions will be refunded. All other international orders are at the buyers own risk. No refunds will be given if an international order is shipped and service is suspended.

Couriers and the fulfillment center are prioritizing essential items first over non-essential items and orders are shipping from the fulfillment center as non-essential. Shipping will not be refunded if your package is later than expected.

Demand for puzzles is unprecedented. You may notice a number of items out of stock. Attempts are being made to get new inventory. New stock has been received recently and orders for more inventory have been placed. Some suppliers are closed due to government decree and those that are working are working with skeleton crews at a reduced capacity. Please bear with during these unusual times.