Galaxy Puzzles

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Galaxy Puzzles is a federally recognized woman-owned small business started in 2005, but its roots go much farther back than that. It began with a love affair with puzzles at an early age. The owner, Janice Ungar, was doing 100 piece puzzles by age 3 and eventually graduated to doing them upside down to increase the challenge. While not an every day activity, they were part of her life throughout her childhood. She grew up and became a librarian. Even while working as a librarian, puzzles were a part of her and her boyfriend's (now husband's) life. Eventually children came along (and their floor puzzles!) and also an eventual job loss. A simple purchase at a second hand store reminded her of what fun puzzles were and it became the turning point for a new career. While the job loss had been devastating, it was a blessing in disguise. What more fun can there be than sharing something one enjoys with others on a daily basis.Thus, Galaxy Puzzles was born and has been growing ever since.

Galaxy Puzzles is located in Michigan. In addition to puzzles, Galaxy Puzzles sells games, toys and some gifts for every member of the family (as well as friends, co-workers, teachers, zookeepers, and so on).