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Spirit of the 50s, 60s, 70, & 80s 1000 Piece Decades Puzzle (choice of four)



Time travel is possible – you’ll be back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s with these amazing 1000 piece decade puzzles. So many iconic images are brought together by the talented artist Robert Opie.

These jigsaw puzzles are made in the UK, have a decidedly British feel to the images and are printed on extra-thick board, and the colors are magnificent, with muted tones enhancing the feeling of nostalgia. The final size is 27” x 19”, and completing any of these decade puzzles will have thinking about the classics of yesteryear.

WarningChoking hazard. Small pieces. Not for children under 3.

Spirit of the 1950s Puzzle

Doing this puzzle will be a real treat: the collection of memorabilia includes the famous Lone Ranger, Elvis, Watch with Mother, and the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. There are classics from the 1950s too, such as a shiny sports car, the housewife’s must-have appliances - dishwasher and fridge freezer, while the iconic Vesper was every young person’s dream. 

Spirit of the 1960s Puzzle

The decade of change, the 1960s is brought to life with this amazing 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. You will love all the fabulous images. The Beatles changed the music scene forever; their songs are so distinctive. Twiggy set the fashion world alight, her slim frame and unique style hadn’t been seen before. This puzzle is teeming with 1960s memorabilia: the comics and annuals will make you smile – Batman, Fireball and Z-Cars. To top them all must be Doctor Who. How about the long-running TV shows: they are definitely a throwback to the past, Blue Peter and its coveted badge, or how about Coronation Street, which is still going strong. When doing this puzzle, just remember to look over your shoulder, in case there is a Dalek on the loose.

Spirit of the 1970s Puzzle

You’ll be going back in time as the Spirit of the 70s has been captured effortlessly. There are children’s favorites, such as Bagpuss and The Clangers, then teenage essential reading material like Jackie, Cosmopolitan, and Punk. Doing a puzzle with this much nostalgia will be great fun. Perhaps it will inspire you to watch old Star Wars and Star Trek movies, or maybe reruns of Dad’s Army. This 1970s jigsaw puzzle will surely have you dressing in denim flares and wide collar shirts.

Spirit of the 1980s Puzzle

A superb collection of all things 1980s. The Rubik's Cube that was impossible to solve, the iconic Spielberg movie that had every kid shouting ‘E.T. phone home’, and another popular favorite was the lone crusader Knight Rider and his amazing car KITT. There is also the epic soldiers of fortune the A-Team, but perhaps best of all is the epic, ‘Who ya gonna call...Ghostbusters!' So many memories portrayed perfectly in this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. There is so much in this design, Princess Diana, Mork and Mindy, Roland Rat, and Pac-Man, to name just a few. Also, the ZX Spectrum, the start of home computers. You can’t forget the music greats like Michael Jackson, Boy George, and Adam Ant. This impressive jigsaw puzzle has something for everyone. So many great quotes from the 1980s: almost iconic of all may be, ‘Bond, James Bond.’

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
jnurse (Broken Arrow, OK, US)
50’s puzzle

Loved doing this puzzle! Great quality pieces and vibrant colors

Kim P. (Fort Lauderdale, FL, US)
SUCH fun!

A very enjoyable puzzle with references to British shows, treats, and magazines. Being from the US it's fun to see the similarities and the differences. I'm already on to my next Galaxy Puzzle - I really recommend them!