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Would you like a bargain? We all like getting a deal we can brag about. Galaxy Puzzles is prepared to give you that opportunity with one (or more) of our mystery boxes. After all getting a bargain means that much more fun and more dollars in your pocket. Can't see a downside to that! So keep reading to learn the scoop on our mystery boxes.

You will save money. No doubt about that. You will save at least 30% off the regular price, possibly more. A mystery box may contain both regular and sale items. The choice of products within each box is ours and ours alone.

All of our mystery boxes are final sale. We don't take it back because you got a dog and wanted a cat puzzle or vice versa as an example. We will try to ensure you don't get the same item more than once.

Mystery boxes are available in limited quantities and are first come-first served.