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Birds are truly fascinating - they are graceful in flight and have the most beautiful and unique markings, their feathers are ethereal, and their intelligence is outstanding. Migrating birds travel thousands of miles, the returning swifts and swallows are a marvelous sight, while the song of the wood thrush is flutelike. The courtship ritual of some of the most exotic species is mesmerizing, and one can’t help but smile at the mating dance of the bird of paradise, whose widespread feathers are stunningly iridescent. There is a wealth of variety, difficulty, and jigsaw puzzle composition on sale in the bird puzzle collection, from the the happy hummingbird feeding on seeds to the handsome cardinal looking spectacular against a snowy backdrop. Whichever bird puzzle you choose, the best thing is being able to enjoy your hobby while gazing out your window and spotting a feathery visitor in your own garden.