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Win win! Help kids...give to Make a Wish and receive a 25% discount coupon!

Win win! Help kids...give to Make a Wish and receive a 25% discount coupon!
Make a Wish is a well known charitable non-profit that gives wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions. The children receiving the wish, receive it at no cost to them or their families. It affords children the opportunity to do something fun and get away from the stress of a medical setting and allows them to be kids for a day, for a week, for however and for whatever their heart desires. Wishes range from the simple to the complex (a trip to Disney World is a common wish) In turn it gives the parents  a chance to see their children happy without worry from bills that accompany most medical conditions. Many parents would not be able to afford the wish without the help of Make a Wish.


My connection to Make a husband Joel. He will be doing the Wish a Mile to benefit Michigan's chapter of Make a Wish. It begins in a little over a week and consists of three days in a row of 100 mile bike rides. He went from overweight and out of shape a year ago to training hard. He started with doing spinning classes at a fitness club, often there at 6:30 a.m. and he has stayed the course. He has practiced long and hard and not without a few mishaps (if you know him ask him about the parked car that appeared out of nowhere). Not only is he now in incredible shape from intense exercise, he is ready and looking forward to the benefit along with other members of Team Alex. There are a number of other teams as well. To see how truly special this organization and ride is, please watch the news story on this link.

Now where do you come in and how do you get a 25% discount? My husband has worked very hard and reached his fund raising goal for this year. That however, does not stop children from being and getting sick and being deserving of having a wish met. The needs are ongoing to make children happy. 100% of your donation goes to Make a Wish. Neither me or my husband will benefit from your donation other than an additional notation on his page that you donated. I am asking you to make a donation to his page. If you make a donation and put your name so it is visible on the page and send a message through our contact us page with a name that matches, I will send you a one time, 25% off discount good for Galaxy Puzzles. The donation to his page must be made by July 28th to get the coupon, but donations to Make a Wish Michigan are welcome all year long. The discount coupon will be good until November 15, 2017 and includes everything except UGears products. There is no required minimum to donate, but I ask you to remember that the money is going to help sick children and there are fees associated with accepting credit cards so please do not take advantage. The ultimate goal is to benefit kids.

Here is the link to his page to my husband's donation page:

Thank you from me and my husband (who has no idea I am doing this so if you hear a loud voice emanating from Michigan, you will know he didn't like the idea).

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  • Joel Ungar - July 18, 2017

    I love the idea!

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