Why do jigsaw puzzles? One perspective.

I've had people mention to me that they aren't puzzle people. To some extent, it is a like it or you don't activity. It is rather sedentary, often done solo and doesn't have a team rooting for a winner -- can you imagine a team shouting, "Go edge pieces?" Frankly, I can't either, but it is a rather funny thought. So why do them? Here is one of many good reasons...family time.

In our busy world of jobs, school, and scheduled activities our lives have become a continuous hustle and bustle. Not to mention the intrusion of cell phones and media into all hours of the day. Puzzles give a positive break from that. They do not require a set amount of time. Got five minutes? Look for that elusive blue piece together. It removes the world of the cell phone. Try looking for a piece while texting. Pretty near impossible to do. Put the phones down, free up your hands and a few minutes can give a sense of accomplishment. A little victory that isn't dependent on money, athletic ability or the race to the top. While the previous two reasons are valid enough to go grab a puzzle to put together, the biggest reason I have found is communication.

Doing a puzzle as a family or even side by side while we each work a puzzle allows for a stress free way to talk. Communication just flows. Children, who might otherwise hesitate to talk, communicate about all manner of subjects. Some of the best conversations I have had  with my children have been while puzzling. There is just something inherently calming about it. My children are now young adults and I had plenty of time to try various family activities from picnics to trips to time to board games and while all of these are fun, they just don't set the same mood. If either your communication with family members isn't where you want it to be, pull out an age appropriate puzzle and see where it takes you. You may just be surprised.
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