Why buy from Galaxy Puzzles?

I admit it, I freely admit it. Galaxy Puzzles is not the biggest puzzle web site, puzzle store or online shopping venue out there. There are many, many others and your shopping dollars can be spent at a myriad of places including stores where you can purchase puzzles, diapers and furniture in just one order with one click of a button. So why should you choose Galaxy Puzzles? There are a variety of reasons.

One, puzzles is something that I, as the owner, have been knee deep in for years. I sleep, eat (well maybe not quite that) and breathe puzzles as well as some games. Buy from the big guys that sell diapers as well and it is just another line in an attempt to conquer the market. Their puzzle listings all look the same. Has 2000 pieces or been making them for 67.342 years. They don't tell you about the artist or the series of the puzzle and if your puzzle is missing pieces, the only option is to return the puzzle. How frustrating is that after spending hours putting together a puzzle? Contact Galaxy Puzzles and your reception will be different. Our page will tell you what we know (sometimes it is hard, I admit) about a puzzle and if your puzzle is missing something, as a small business owner, there are long standing direct connections to either the manufacturer or distributor to try and right a wrong. 

I've even gone out of my way recently when one of our customers had a poor buying experience when purchasing directly from a supplier and not receiving what they ordered. I arranged to have the puzzles I was able to get for him with the cooperation of a supplier (not all items were in the US) at my cost to right a wrong. I didn't make anything on the order, but it was just the right thing to do. He was able to complete puzzles with missing pieces and obtain one of the puzzles he ordered and never received. That is the kind of service you should get and should expect from a small company and are not likely to receive from a large company.

Another reason to shop with a small company is being discerning. Yes, there are more lines I would like to and will probably eventually add to our stable of puzzles, but there are many more that you can get on other sites that will never be added here. Why? I don't feel the quality is up to snuff. There is no point in adding variety just for the sake of it. It leads to unhappy customers and who wants that? Certainly not me since the buck and the complaints stop at my lap. I want you to enjoy the puzzles you buy. Simple as that. 

Last reason and it has been mentioned in the past, does the site you buy from just believe in themselves and their profit line or do they make a difference? Here at Galaxy Puzzles, I love checking out how much is going to charities; charities that were chosen with the input of our Facebook fans. Each and every purchase from a bottle of glue to the largest puzzle we sell results in helping others in need. Having fun is great, but making a difference while having fun is even better.

Happy puzzling.
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