Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is fast approaching and for many Moms that means a gift for her. Short on ideas or need another one to complete a gift? We've got some great ones for the Mom or Grandma in your life. There are many more when you peruse through our website since you know your own mom best!

Abundance Garden is a delightful fan shaped puzzle by Wentworth. It contains whimsies, or shaped pieces, within the puzzle. A great choide to either add to or extend a Wentworth collection.

Nancy Drew Jigsaw Puzzle
Nancy Drew was and is everyone's favorite sleuth. Give Mom a bit of nostalgia and let her relive her childhood with this 1000 piece puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company.
Dancers in Blue Edgar Degas Puzzle

Dancers in Blue is a stunning example of one of Edgar Degas', the famous Impressionist art painter, works turned into a jigsaw puzzle. This ballet themed puzzle has 1000 pieces and is made in Poland by Trefl.
Cats are the most popular pet in the U.S. and yarn crafts such as knitting are way up there as well in popularity. Combine both of them with the 500 piece Basket Case puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company.
Tea Time View on the Garden Puzzle
There is something peaceful and calming about Clementoni's Tea Time: View on the Garden. Give Mom a getaway without leaving home. A great de-stressing choice with 500 pieces.
Les Amoureux de Vence Marc Chagall 1000 Piece Puzzle
A contemporary view of love is here with a reproduction of Marc Chagall's painting Les Amoureux de Vence. Bright and colorful and full of fun...this 1000 piece puzzle is sure to please even the most finicky Mom.

Rainbow Beach Huts
Rainbow Beach Huts is a favorite no doubt about it and your Mom or Grandma should love it too. It has 1000 pieces and a very cheerful image. 
Give Mom a project and a thing of beauty all in one! This 20 Minute Timer needs no glue and is fun to put together.
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