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October 22, 2020

Part of my job as the owner of Galaxy Puzzles is attending Toy Fair. It is the largest toy fair for the trade in North America and allows manufacturers, retailers and media as well as others in the toy field to see the latest and greatest. It is, as I have put it, the most fun one can have at work and still be working. Getting to try out new games, see new puzzle images before they are released and getting to touch base with business contacts cultivated over many years is an awesome experience. Also, not forgetting that it is held in New York City so the after hours fun of catching a Broadway show or two is an added benefit. Yet each year I come away with the feeling that something it missing. What is missing is the environmental responsibility. 

Selling plastic toys whether for kids or adults that are quickly tossed is irresponsible. It just releases a flood of toys and packaging on an already overburdened environment. The latest and greatest one year -- I recall the year of the mustache and this past year was the year of everything poop -- only lasts as long as the fascination with the current fad. No plastic is in our puzzles with the exception of shrink wrap and very little is in our games. The only plastic items brought in purposely are of long lasting value. It is one of the reasons that the majority of our products can be used again and again and can be passed to others if you should get tired of a design. Nursing homes, senior citizen centers, schools and thrift stores are eager to take on puzzles and games where they find a new life. Pieces of incomplete puzzles (yes, they do get lost/done it myself) can be re-purposed into craft projects. My feeling is it is our responsibility, rather all of our responsibilities to take care of this earth and pass it on to future generations in the best condition possible. In my case, what Galaxy Puzzles sells as well as what I do in my own home can make a small difference. Please choose leisure time responsibly. We only have one earth.

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