De-stress with puzzles

De-stress with puzzles

August 28, 2019

The modern world is full of stresses. Everything from the morning commute to coworkers to family situations. Each of us have stresses and finding healthy ways to let off steam is important. Of course exercise and eating right is at the forefront, but finding a passion or hobby for your free time is just as important. That's where puzzles come in. They have a lot of advantages as a hobby.
  • They can be done almost anywhere. Mini puzzles are small enough to do on a plane tray table or even a hospital bedside table.
  • They don't require a partner. No social stress of finding a partner to do a puzzle.
  • No big time commitment. A puzzle will wait for you. If you have five minutes, that's okay. If you have more time, that's okay too.
  • They are not an expensive hobby. No major monetary commitment required.

Now that I have established some of the advantages of puzzles, what are the advantages to the person?

  • Many people claim the ability to zone out while doing puzzles. Other life challenges fall away in the search for that next piece.
  • Thinking time. Doing puzzles involves some basic, but rote activities such as flipping puzzles to the correct side. It give you time to calmly think things through.
  • Sense of completion. Ever place the last piece of a puzzle? If so, that sense of satisfaction and pride lasts a long time.
  • It is lifelong. There is no age that requires giving them up and always the next one to look forward to doing.
If you haven't tried a puzzle lately, it is worth a try. You may just find a new hobby. If you already do them, what do you think? Does it allow you to de-stress. Why do you puzzle? 

Until next time, happy puzzling.

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