Puzzles bring families closer together | Customer Testimonial

September 03, 2019

Susan is one of Galaxy Puzzles many incredible customers. Please read what she shared about how puzzles are impacting her family's life. It made my day and I hope it makes yours too. I'd love to share your stories as well. Simply comment on this blog or contact us through the contact us form on our web site.

"Dear Galaxy Puzzles,

I gotta tell you - I love this web-site!

I recently had to move both my elderly parents into assisted living with a memory care unit for mom due to her Alzheimer’s dementia.

We worked puzzles often as a family growing up, but I have just found the wooden ones.

They are in their late 80’s and really seem to enjoy working the Wentworth wooden puzzles I purchased from you the best.

My mother smiles, laughs and that sparkle is back in her eyes when she finds and holds the whimsical pieces.

The wooden pieces are much sturdier for her to manage than the typical cardboard ones.

She loves the funny unique and cartoon types with lots going on the best.

A unexpected surprise is how much my children and grandchildren like going to see them now!

Working a puzzle together keeps them all engaged and interested!

They will spend much more time with my aging parents- and sometimes are NOT ready to leave!

This is a complete win/win/win for all!

It has been all I could do to keep from crying as I watch 4 generations laugh and interact!

Mom now stays most of the time in the Memory Care unit. Dad stays with her all day everyday and working a wooden puzzle together gives them something to do and talk about - instead of just sitting.

Finding just one piece that fits, or helping to complete a puzzle gives them that good feeling of accomplishment.

I sincerely wanted to thank you for selling your puzzles at reasonable prices that most anyone can afford. It is very much appreciated!

Several families have asked me about our wooden puzzles and I gave them Galaxy’s website info.

You carry so many brands of puzzles (especially wooden puzzles) - I had no idea that so many were out there!

I look forward to keep adding puzzles to our family's collection, and also sharing them with the other residents and families as well.

Your puzzles have helped us share some really happy times when things could have been so sad.

I am definitely a repeat customer- I am so glad I found you!

Thank you again for the nice hello email. It made my day.


Susan S.

Alabama, USA"

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